Pre-registration FORM
(ALL TEAMS must fill out form to enter the league)

All teams play a minimum two games every Diamond Duel event (Spring) every week (Summer) or Sunday (Fall). Third game played is based on age division and format for that season. Spring format is only season with a three game guarantee due to being part of the Diamond Duel One day series.

All bracket games will have a winner. If time limit or innings expire then international tie break rule applies. (Last out starts extra inning(s) on 2nd base)

Teams accumulate league points each game played.  (CVA Travel League only)
Games Played is 2 Points.  
Win is additional 4 Points
Loss is a minus 1 Point.
Tie is additional 1 Point.

Teams with most points at conclusion of regular season will be the CVA TRAVEL League Champion! (Teams must play a minimum NUMBER OF GAMES during each season to qualify.) Head to head record VS league teams determines Champion FIRST.

Click How many games below to see the VALUE of playing in the league compared to just playing the occassional event!
ALL TEAMS please fill out the form below; whether you are playing the Diamond Duel Series or the CVA Travel League.

Teams who play A MINIMUM OF FIVE DATES in the Diamond Duel series qualifies as a participant in the CVA Travel League.(Spring dates). TEAMS who play all four dates in the (Summer or Fall League) qualify as a participant in the CVA Travel League

League teams PREPAY for their dates below. Note: If you prepay for each Diamond Duel event week to week your team is paying regular price.
PREPAYING for all dates saves your teams money and covers Nations registration for the season.

Teams who are full time members of the CVA Travel League receive reduced entry fees into the Diamond Duel events and weekend events hosted by CVA Travel Baseball.

All ages 8U to 18U are pre-regsiering for the Diamond Duel One Day series in the Spring and the CVA Travel League in the Summer and/or Fall by filling out the form below. LEAGUE TEAMS and non-league teams are playing in the same Diamond Duel One Day series. League teams are competiting against each other for the regular season Championship in the CVTL. Both league and non-league teams can win each Diamond Duel event(Spring only).

Please scroll to bottom of page for confirmed ages and locations as of today. More coming!

Click here for Rules, Refund, and Weather Policy
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Spring League 
All ages are listed on Nations site as part of the Diamond Duel One day series.
entry fees for full time league teams is $15 off per event

Summer /Fall League entry fees
7u/8u Coach Pitch $645
8u KP, 9u and 10u $950
11u and 12u $1000
13u to 18u $1100

Summer League
Windsor, VA

Fall League
Chesterfield and Windsor, VA

Season starts the Sunday after Labor Day Weekend.  Age groups are divided into Odd and Even and play every other Sunday.

Tue, Wed, Thr starting first week of July each year. Sundays (make up date only)
Last weekend in July End of Season Tournament

Two separate DISTRICTS for the league in the fall.
​Windsor and Chesterfield
Each age division will play 10 games throughout the fall season. Teams will generally play double headers on their dates and occassionally play three games.

All dates played at Windsor Athletic Complex and surrounding fields in Isle of Wight and Smithfield.
Sunday games only if weekday games lost due to weather except for EOS tournament


End of Season tournament is optional for league teams and will have a separate entry fee. Non-league teams may be invited to fill event. Last weekend in July.

Optional end of season tournament takes place the first and second weekends in November. Separate entry fee for the event. Non-league teams may be invited to fill event.

15u and up aged teams form districts and host league games at their fields anywhere in VA. 

Register for Nations events CLICK HERE
Register for Nations events CLICK HERE


You can start the recruiting process NOW by creating a social profile with SPORTS THREAD.  Sports Thread connects athletes with college coaches! All teams who play in the CVA Travel League will have access to Sports Thread PLUS be able to upload specific metrics when it comes to pitching and hitting!  CVA travel League is the ONLY PLACE where playing in the league can help you get recruited to play in College.

Once the season starts, Sports Thread through Nations Baseball will email all players and coaches information on how to create their own personal profile.  In this profile players can upload important information needed for colleges to come to you OR reach out to the schools your interested in! Upload your GPA, test scores, specific attributes about your position, etc. These make recruiting easy for colleges.