How to register with Nations Baseball

To play in a Nations Baseball event, the team must first be registered.  Click Here  to register online with Nations Baseball. Registration happens one time per season and once registered, the team can play in as many Nations Baseball events as they wish, anywhere in the country.
Once you have a login, you may:

Click on the Parent link and add your child to your account. Once you do this, you will start receiving notifications of when your child is added or removed from a team or when their roster status changes and how it may impact thier eligability.

Click on the Team link to create and manage a team. ONLY THE TEAM MANAGER SHOULD CREATE A TEAM!!! NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR PERSONS NOT INTENDING TO REGISTER A TEAM. There are several registration options available which include various terms of insurance for your team.
All specific info about registering your team, roster, insurance, etc can be found under TEAM on the main webpage at  
Remember you must first JOIN by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner of the main page at .  Once you have a login ID then you have access to add a new team to participate in any sanctioned event.
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Which membership should I get?

$170.00 - Calendar Year Membership
Includes insurance and registration effective 01/01/2019 through DEC 31, 2019

$140.00 - Seasonal Membership
Includes insurance and registration effective 01/01/2018 through JULY 31, 2018

$50.00 - Junior Membership
You MUST UPLOAD valid insurance before you are eligible to enter events. Registration will be for 01/01/2018 through JULY 31, 2018.

***IMPORTANT**** When registering your team for the year or season, always make sure to do so at the START of that season in order to get the full benefit of that registration. Example: If you are registering for the Spring season, be sure to do so on or after January 1st of that year. (August 1st if for the fall season)

What's the difference between the three options?

If you ALREADY HAVE INSURANCE through another organization (USSSA, etc) then you only need to purchase the Junior Membership of $50 per season (Fall or Spring). Basically it will cost your team $100 per Full season (Fall and Spring of your current age group).  Teams would upload a copy of their current insurance carrier's certificate to their TEAM ADMIN on the Nations website.

If you don't have insurance then I strongly recommend the Calendar Year Membership of $170.  It includes registration fees for the whole year ($100), plus your team is insured for 365 days; regarldless of when you sign up. Example: If you sign up in the Spring then your team is registered and insured for the Spring season and upcoming Fall season when you team moves up an age.  If you sign up in the fall, then your team is registered and insured for your current aged team for the fall season and the spring season the next year. Teams are basically getting insurance for a full calendar year for only $70.

Please note the Seasonal Membership of $140 only covers your team for the current season of either Spring or Fall. Example: Includes registration and insurance for the Spring season only.  The only reason this would make sense for a team is IF they are not planning on playing the following season.

Nations Insurance can be added as additional insured to other travel organizations. If you purchase insurance through Nations Baseball don't purchase additional insurance with other organizations; YOU WILL BE OVERSPENDING ON INSURANCE! Info on how to add Nations Baseball as additional insured can be found under your TEAM ADMIN on the Nations website.
Nations Insurance vs. USSSA Insurance (Save money with Nations Insurance and still play "other events")

USSSA charges $55 a year (Fall to Spring) to register a team 
USSSA charges $125 for ages 12 and under a season for Insurance
USSSA charges $157 for ages 13u,14u,15u per season for insurance
USSSA charges $191 for ages 16u,17u,18u per season for insurance
USSSA charges $10 for an "admin fee online" when purchasing insurance for any age group.

Nations charges $50 a season (Fall or Spring) to register a team.
Nations charges $170 for a calendar year for ALL AGES for insurance AND includes TEAM registration for the year.
Nations charges $140 for a season (Fall or Spring) for ALL AGES for insurance and includes TEAM registration for season.
Nations offers at an additional cost of $20 a custom team website.

USSSA vs Nations

If you were to register your team and purchase insurance with USSSA it will cost your team between ($190 to $256) for the "Season" which only runs for the current age of your team period.  Whether you register your team in the Fall or Spring it still costs your team the same amount AND it is good from Fall to Spring each season only. Therefore to take advantage of the insurance, you have no choice but to register in the Fall (beginning of the new season).

If your were to register your team and purchase insurance with Nations Baseball it will cost your team $170 a year. Whether you register in the Fall or the Spring, it is good for a whole year! Therefore if you register in the spring, your team is covered for the Spring and Fall season of that year. You would have to pay $190 to $256 dollars TWICE with USSSA Or if you choose to just register your team for the current season with insurance it is $140 for that season (Just Fall or Spring)

Nations Baseball gives your team options and can save your team $20 to $86 dollars a year! PLUS Nations insurance can be used as a rider policy when your team plays USSSA events or other sanctioned events.

Click HERE for additional information on Nations Insurance including deductibles etc.